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Little Dreamer

Who has bought a Moonlight Slumber product for their little dreamer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes. Simalfa is the only adhesive company committed to offering only environmentally friendly products and services. They have received the coveted GREENGUARD Sustainability Award and is Green Safety Shield™ approved.

A: Yes. We surpass the requirements issued by the U.S. Government and only work with certified testing facilities including Berkley Analytical, Element Testing and Green Bear.

A: Yes. All Moonlight Slumber mattresses are free of Halogens, Tris, Nanoparticles, PVC, Vinyl, PBDE, PBB, Phthalates, Phosphorous, Arsenic, Antimony, and many other harsh and dangerous chemicals that are commonly used in crib mattresses. We offer the best blend of safe, natural products using advanced manufacturing technology.

A: No. Testing by Berkley Analytical labs prove that there are no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds, commonly known as “Off Gassing”) from Moonlight Slumber products. They are Green Safety Shield™ certified to assure no off gassing and also certified through the CertiPUR-US certification program.

A: Green Safety Shield™ certification is based on the standardized chemical analyses that test: low emissions for indoor air quality, environmental guidelines, physical performance, content testing, and random compliance verifications. This certification is given to approved products made without Tris Tulene, Nanoparticles, PBDEs, PBBs Phthalates, Ozone Depleters, Mercury, Lead, Heavy Metals, Formaldehyde and Methylene Chloride and that are Halogen Free.

A: Both mattresses are constructed exactly the same (dual firmness, internal fire barrier, stretch knit fabric, etc.) with one exception: the Supreme has Gel/Visco elastic memory foam on the toddler side. So when you flip the Starlight Support, you flip from extra firm to firm. When you flip the Supreme, you flip from extra firm to a layer of visco elastic memory foam.

A: The all foam models have a core made entirely of foam. Top and bottom layers of foam are added to create dual firmness comfort. The innerspring models have an innerspring coil core, which is encapsulated on all sides, top, and bottom with foam, creating a sandwich-like construction.

A: While all children progress differently, we recommend that you flip your mattress when your child is approximately nine months old. This is the age when they can typically move freely about the crib, becoming mobile and beginning to pull up into a sitting position. However, should you notice your child becoming restless during the night or naptime, it may be a sign that they are ready for the less firm toddler side.

A: Moonlight Slumber uses a natural, halogen free, patent-pending, internal fire resistant barrier. It is made of inherently fireproof materials with no topically applied chemicals, retardants or other additives. Further, it has been used in the healthcare industry for many years, exceeding all current Federal and State regulations.

A: Fire retardant materials slow the spread of fire. Fire resistant materials do not burn. Moonlight Slumber products are 16 CFR Part 1633 compliant, meaning they are fire resistant. They have been proven, by independent tests, to withstand open flame.

A: Partially organic. The Nature's Star partially organic mattress has substituted all-natural cotton in place of foam. The cotton is not bleached, dyed, or chemically altered. The Nature's Star partially organic mattress comes with an all-organic zippered cover that can be washed and dried.

A: It is up to personal preference as to whether you use a mattress pad or waterproof mattress cover. All Moonlight Slumber mattresses, even the Nature's Star, are manufactured with a premium, waterproof fabric. This fabric is smooth to the touch, warms under your baby, resists cracking and crunching, and can be cleaned with a damp sponge. Because there may be some stains that can never be removed you may want to use a mattress protector.

A: Yes.

A: The contour changing table pad has either two or four raised sides and a security strap to attach to your dresser. The Little Dreamer contour pad has two raised sides while the Starlight Supreme comes with four raised sides. The flat changing table pad is 1” thick, with no strap.

A: Yes. Our mattresses are domestically made, right in the heart of Illinois, so we have complete control over the production lines. We can create custom crib, cradle and bassinet or pack-n-play mattresses at your request. The Nature's Star Mattress does not allow for customization.

A: Moonlight Slumber recommends the following method to clean a mattress: simply use a damp sponge and warm soapy water when necessary to clean a mattress. Avoid harsh chemicals.

A: Nature's Star – 23 lbs

Starlight Support Supreme (all foam) – 10.5 lbs

Starlight Support Supreme (Innerspring) – 13 lbs

Starlight Support (all foam) – 9.5 lbs

Starlight Support (Innerspring) – 12 lbs

Little Dreamer – 8 lbs