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Green Safety Shield

Only Green Safety Shield features 3 certifications in 1, covering: Indoor Air Quality, Product Performance and Material Contents.

Green Safety Shield™ goes beyond all other testing programs and certifications for the following: Children and Schools, Residential and Healthcare Environments. Moonlight Slumber products are covered under the comprehensive Green Safety Shield Quality Assurance Program.

Indoor Air Quality Certified:

Under the auspices of Berkeley Analytical®, a leading environmental laboratory, Moonlight Slumber products are stringently tested for indoor air quality. Each product undergoes thorough testing procedures to assure off gassing free products. Berkley Analytical utilizes state of the art environmental testing chambers and exacting analytical instruments to provide rigorous tests and reliable results.

Product Performance Certified:

Moonlight Slumber products are put through demanding performance testing procedures administered by Element™ Materials Technology, a global network of laboratories with experts specializing in materials testing, product qualification testing and failure analysis. Element operates a fully approved and equipped, state-of-the-art, independent bedding and mattress testing laboratory. Element engineers utilize a wide range of intensive methods for evaluating mattresses for durability, safety, and performance.

Material Contents Certified:

The Green Bear Mark of Excellence® is given to those products that meet stringent requirements for content which include the products internal and external components, mattress core, fire barrier and fabric. The Green Safety Shield Quality Assurance Program includes the Green Bear criteria and embraces the philosophy that “Content Counts” assuring buyers that products displaying the Green Safety Shield of excellence are free from “chemicals of concern” including halogens, antimony, PBDE’s, PBB’s, phthalates, and heavy metal.

NO Chlorinated TRIS:

Chlorinated Tris is a harmful Flame Retardant chemical that can be found in some mattress products. There is no Chlorinated Tris in any Moonlight Slumber products.

Nano Technology:

We currently have not approved any products with nano technology. We are concerned about the level of knowledge of nano and the health and environmental impacts.