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Little Dreamer

My triplets had destroyed their original crib mattress before they were two, which was unattractive and potentially dangerous to them. I replaced the mattress with 3 Starlight Support mattresses and never had another problem. By the way I used one of the mattresses for the newest addition to our family who is now two. The triplets are now 7. I gave the other two to friends, I could never have done that with their first mattresses. Thanks!!

K. Johnson


Mattresses from Moonlight Slumber are simply the best cradle and crib mattresses out there. Twin mattresses and more are also available.

All of our mattresses, including crib mattresses, are VOC Tested (Off-Gas), Performance Tested, and Material Content Tested under our Green Safety Shield™ Testing Program. They are Vinyl / PVC free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and made with the best combination of earth-friendly products and health and safety features. We take what is best for baby first, and then find the right solutions for safety and health, eliminating excess chemicals and treatments and choosing earth-friendly materials where appropriate. Our mattresses contain no Tris or Nanoparticles.

When you want safe, healthy, hypoallergenic, comfortable, non-toxic, pvc-free, elegant, and hygienic products for your little dreamer - you want Moonlight Slumber mattresses.