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Moonlight Slumber Premium Sleep Products
Moonlight Slumber Premium Sleep Products



Innovative Breastfeeding Pillow

The Butterfly Breastfeeding pillow from Moonlight Slumber offers the ultimate in nursing support. Designed with innovative 'wings' on either end, the Butterfly pillow offers the unparalleled adjustment and comfort.


Sized to fit nearly everyone, each Butterfly wing can be folded under to offer extra support for proper latching. The Butterfly comes with an organic cotton cover that zips off for washing, and is filled with our exclusive hygienic synthetic down, Fusion™ Fiberfill. They stay hygienically clean and free of dust-mite allergens by placing them in your washer and dryer when needed. Launder the cover alone, or the entire pillow because the Butterfly is guaranteed not to clump.

An Essential New Mother Tool

A great lumbar support during pregnancy or post-pregnancy, or a positioning pillow to help with neck support, the Butterfly has a life beyond the time you plan to nurse. Pillow can also be used for supervised floor time for baby. A great shower gift and essential new mother tool, the Butterfly Breastfeeding pillow is made in the USA and guaranteed against manufacturer defects. To maintain the synthetic down, simply fluff up or shake your pillow daily to achieve that like new feeling any time.

Comfort-U Nursing Pillow

Looking for the same great fill, support, launderability and comfort but without the Butterfly's fold up/under 'wings'? Look no further than the Comfort-U Nursing Pillow. Everything you love about the Butterfly without the extra feature.

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Butterfly Breastfeeding Pillow with Natural Color Cotton Case
Price: $63.50 Shipping: $10
Butterfly Breastfeeding Pillow with natural-colored, zip-off, 100% Organic Cotton Case. The Butterfly's "wings" fold up or under to adjust for proper latch technique and positioning.

Cover and pillow are launderable and guaranteed for life never to clump.

Product ships in a 10"x8"x8" box and weighs 2 pounds.
Butterfly Breastfeeding Pillow Spare Case - Natural
Price: $28.00 Shipping: $5
Spare organic cotton Butterfly case. Removable. Washable. Made in the USA with 100% organic cotton. Natural color.
Moonlight Slumber Premium Sleep Products

I was given the Moonlight Slumber Comfort-U Maternity pillow for Christmas - let me tell you it is the best gift I could have ever received. Before I used this pillow the thought of sleeping comfortably was an impossibility. I was so achy and my tummy felt in the way and this is when it was much smaller. This pillow is long and u-shaped. I rest my head comfortably with my arms hugging it, my tummy and back both have support while my hips stay aligned as my legs wrap around it. I drag this all over with me, it's my new best friend!

Dana | San Francisco, CA