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I received my pillow last week and I LOVE IT! I am finally getting good night sleep - in between bathroom breaks that is. Well done on a great product!

Toby Berkow
Brooklyn, NY

Pure Slumber Pillows

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Our premium Pure Slumber pillows are unlike any other pillows on the market. Filled with our exclusive hygienic synthetic down, Fusion™ Fiberfill, they are hypoallergenic and stay hygienically clean and free of dust-mite allergens by placing them in your washer and dryer when needed. To maintain the synthetic down, simply fluff up or shake your pillow daily to achieve that like new feeling any time. Guaranteed never to clump up as most other pillows do. Our premium Pure Slumber pillows, featuring Fusion synthetic down fiberfill, are available in standard, queen and king sizes. Our premium Pure Slumber pillows are ideal pillows for side sleepers, or as a stomach sleeper pillow. Our king-size Pure Slumber pillows make excellent body pillows.

Please note that these pillows are NOT recommended for children under twelve months old.

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Pure Slumber Products:
Pure Slumber Hypoallergenic Standard Size Pillow
Pure Slumber Hypoallergenic Queen Size Pillow
Pure Slumber Hypoallergenic King Size Pillow

Pure Slumber hypoallergenic pillows fit every type of sleeper, functioning as a pillow for side sleepers, body pillow, and they also make an ideal stomach sleeper pillow. To purchase Pure Slumber pillows, visit one of the retail stores or online stores that sell Moonlight Slumber products.

Custom sizing is available!

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