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I bought a Moonlight Slumber mattress for my baby before she was born. It was a little more expensive than the cheap mattresses you can buy at big box stores but worth every penny. Babies have a lot of messy accidents, especially in their cribs in the middle of the night. How wonderful to be able to quickly change the sheet without worrying about scrubbing the mattress and eliminating the smells. The material encasing the mattress is soft, pliable and makes clean-up a cinch. Those plastic matress covers are a poor substitute. The mattress has kept it's shape perfectly. Sheets always fit snugly.

We will be having another baby and the mattress will be pasted on to her little sister. Meanwhile we are defineitly investing in the Moonlight Slumber "big girl" twin matress for her next bed.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Starlight Support Mattresses

Designed with advanced health, safety, and comfort standards, the Starlight Support comfort mattress is another of Moonlight Slumber’s premium baby bedding products for infant and toddler beds.

Every Starlight Support mattress is manufactured with welded seams, square corners and edges, and premium stretch ticking. These also feature dual firmness, with an extra firm infant side and a firm toddler side. Every hypoallergenic Starlight Support mattress comes standard with an internal Fire Barrier, making it open flame resistant. The Starlight Support mattress line exceeds all current and planned Federal standards for fire safety. The hypoallergenic Starlight Support comfort mattress is quite simply the best mattress available for your little dreamer.

Starlight Support Products:

Bassinet Mattress (with rounded corners) 13" x 30" x 1"
Crib Mattress All Foam 27.5" x 52" x 6"
Crib Mattress Innerspring 27.5" x 52" x 6"
Changing Table Pad 17" x 34" x 1.5" learn more
Four Sided Contour Changing Table Pad 17" x 34" x 1.5" learn more
Cradle Mattress 18" x 36" x 1" learn more
Twin Mattress Innerspring 38" x 75" x 7.5"
Full Mattress Innerspring 54" x 75" x 7.5"
Round Crib Mattress All Foam 42" round diameter

Custom sizing is available on most products!

To purchase a Starlight Support mattress or accessory: visit any retail or online store that sells Moonlight Slumber products and the best mattresses for your infant or toddler. Custom sizing is available!

All foam crib mattress cut-away