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Toddler Pillow, Cuddle Toy, or both?

Toddler pillows by Moonlight Slumber are ideal as your child's first pillow. They're also great for travel, as a plush cuddle toy, and so much more. Makes a great gift, too!

Hypoallergenic and UL GreenGuard Gold certified. Filled to perfection with Hygienic synthetic down. Guaranteed never to clump. Toss the entire pillow, or just the case in the washer and dryer as needed.

Made in the USA.

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FusionTM Fiberfill

How are our pillows made? 50/50 cotton poly fabric filled with a premium synthetic down called FusionTM Fiberfill. Downy soft and light with washable/dryable loft guaranteed never to clump. Covered in plush cases of your choosing, standard 50/50 cotton/poly, 100% premium Oeko-Tex Certified Organic Cotton, or sumptuous fleeces and plush polys. You will love them at the first snuggle. You’ll love them more after the first accident where you can toss them in the washer for that like-new feeling all over again!

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