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Bigger Children = Bigger Messes

Are you looking for a twin mattress or full-sized mattress? Moonlight Slumber’s performance fabrics mean that bed wetters, seasonal flu sufferers, and those eating pizza in bed will all experience a clean mattress with each sheet change. Our water-, stain-, and odor-resistant fabric cover wipes clean with a damp sponge to put your mattress back to normal in no time.

Transitioning your little one to a big kid bed for the first time? If they currently sleep on a Moonlight Slumber crib mattress, buying one of our twins or fulls means that they don’t have to adjust to a whole new surface, just a new bed. So once their eyes are closed, they’ll feel as safe and comfortable as they did in their crib, making the transition that much easier.

Shopping for comfort? All of our twin and full models have two sides of comfort to customize your child’s sleep experience. Firmer on one side, plush on the other. They choose. You win.

Want a more traditional feel to your mattress? Our smart tech fabric feels great, but to some it doesn’t feel ‘mattressy.’ For those shoppers, or for parents who want a little plushness on the surface, we offer fabulous cotton covers that simply slip over the top of our twins and fulls like a sheet. All the luxe comfort with a premium cotton blend!

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