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M. Rissa:
"This pillow is a complete game changer. Around 24 weeks, it became a sleeping essential. Once I got pregnant I couldn't stand to have my ankles touch and the pillow is long enough to put in between the knees and ankles. The U shape gives back support too which is really nice now that I'm much bigger as the due date approaches!"

Anne | Big Bend, WI:
"Last night I used the Comfort U Maternity Pillow for the first time in a while (for the first time since I started getting uncomfortably pregnant) and it was the best thing ever. 'Like' is an understatement. Until I needed it, I didn't fully understand it's lifesaving status (or maybe just sanity saving)!"

Paul | Lake Mary, FL:
"I purchased this for my 1 1/2 year old grandson. He not only slept through the night but slept until 8:00 AM. My son and daughter and law were amazed and grateful."

Lindsey | Mobile, Alabama:
"I was given your maternity pillow that has the 3 pieces as a gift. I was having a hard time sleeping and I started using that and my sleeping has gotten so much better! I can get more comfortable and able to sllp easier! Of course my husband says it has taken his place! My soon loves it too! He loves watching TV on our bed in his BIG pillow as be calls it. I think I may get a jr pillow for him! Thank you!!"

Missy | Crystal Lake, IL:
"I absolutely love the crib mattress that I have. It is made so well, I think it will last forever. My little guy sleeps great! He is now in a toddler bed and the mattress works great with it. I also have the changing pad. It is so sturdy. You can just tell the difference. Both products are far superior than others out there. Thanks Moonlight Slumber!!!"

Ken | Geneva, IL:
"We have had your mattress now for 22 months. He just had an accident and it took me two seconds to clean the mattress. It is good as new. Love the waterproof cover. He sleeps great on it. Great that it was an organic mattress. Highly recommend to anyone. Thank you!"

Jayme | Memphis, TN:
"I bought the Starlight Supreme for my son, and he has had it for 18 months. I have not seen a better mattress anywhere. The mattress is very firm and does not sink in when the baby is laying on it. Most of the mattresses advertised as firm sink in and make me concerned when it comes to his breathing. This is the best mattress and I am purchasing another for my daughter. You don't need a mattress pad because it is already leak proof, and my child has allergies and my allergist told me it is hypoallergenic as well. I would recommend this mattress to everyone, it is perfect!"

Susan | Denver, CO:
"Moonlight Slumber mattresses address my child's sleep needs in so many ways - easy care for 'accidents', use of materials which I value, and most importantly - give my little dreamer something to dream about all night long! Thank you Moonlight Slumber for paying attention to the details and giving all in the household comfort in knowing our little girl is sleeping soundly, righfully so."

Jenn | Winona, MN:
"We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our Moonlight Slumber mattress. My favorite part is that it's lightweight and waterproof for middle-of-the-night spit-up's. There's no meessing with multiple covers/sheets and you can almost lift with one hand! FANTASTIC!"

Danielle | West Chicago, IL:
"I was given the crib mattress as a gift for my second child. The difference in sleep habits between my children was remarkable. My daughter slept so soundly that I gave a good friend this mattress for their first born."

Bill | Brooklyn, NY:
"Purchased your body pillow for very elderly friend who had poor sleep. Your product alone is responsibile for her dramatic improvement as nothing else was changed in her activities. Peaceful, restful and restorative sleep has benefitted her wonderfully. Well made and worth the price."

Cindy | Crystal Lake, IL:
"I have received several products from Moonlight Slumber. I have a crib mattress, Serenity Star Pillow, and the Natural Serenity Star full body pillowcase. I think that their products and customer service is AMAZING! I am 6 months pregnant and sleep with the Serenity Star Pillow every night. This pillow is awesome and would recommend to anyone that is pregnant. I like it so much that I am getting two as a gift for a couple of friends of mine that are pregnant. I think this is a MUST HAVE if you are pregnant. Your husband will even love the pillow mine does. We fight over it ."

Venessa | Chicago, Illinois:
"I am very happy with the Moonlight Slumber mattress which I purchased for my baby daughter. I did a lot of research before choosing a matress and am glad I chose the one I did. I can rest assured that I've chosen a safe and affordable mattress. The staff has been more than helpful in providing answers to all my questions and concerns. I highly recommend Moonlight slumber."

Purvi | Brooklyn, NY:
"Moonlight Slumber offers amazing customer service. Thank you for being so responsive and helpful and for taking the time to address the issue I had with my mattress. In a world where there are so many companies that sell sub-par products for children, it is refreshing to know that Moonlight Slumber is dedicated to selling only the finest products."

Kevin | San Francisco, CA:
"Our new Starlight Supreme mattress is excellent. Likewise, the customer service we recently received from the Moonlight Slumber team was equally exceptional. We can not say enough kind words about how effortlessly and expeditiously an issue we encountered with our mattress was resolved. The mattress and service certainly live up to their premium name, and we highly recommend."

Mimi | Bloomington, IN:
"The customer service at Moonlight Slumber is unparalleled. When they say they want you to be 100% satisfied with your mattress, they mean it. Their mattress speaks for itself. I couldn't be happier with our purchase. Thank you so very much."

Kris | Deerfield, IL:
"A crib mattress wasn't something I had even given a thought to until I received a Moonlight Slumber mattress from a friend as a shower gift. Having had seven nieces/nephews, I knew what the standard crib mattress was like. Moonlight Slumber mattresses far surpass these. You can immediately see the quality and we couldn't believe how comfortable it felt. Thanks so much for coming up with such a great product!"

Kay | Lebanon, IL:
"The first night my son slept on the Moonlight Slumber mattress he slept for 12 hours. And now that he has outgrown his toddler bed I am purchasing a Moonlight Slumber twin size for him and passing down the Moonlight Slumber crib mattress (that still looks as good as the day we got it!) to his new baby brother."

Jessica | Kenosha, WI:
"My one year-old used to wake up intermittently every few hours all night long and cry for a minute or two at a time before settling himself back into sleep. I switched to the Starlight Supreme all foam mattress and now he rarely wakes during the night. That means more uninterrupted sleep for both my son and I--we're happy customers."

Karen | Chicago, IL:
"My triplets destroyed their original crib mattress before they were two, which was unattractive and potentially dangerous to them. I replaced the mattress with 3 Starlight Supreme mattresses and never had another problem. By the way I used one of the mattresses for the newest addition to our family who is now two. The triplets are now 7. I gave the other two to friends, I could never have done that with their first mattresses. Thanks!!"

Lynn | Springfield, Illinois:
"I looked all over the internet and maternity stores for something--anything--that would help me sleep, when I was 6 months pregnant. My friend told me about the Serenity Star pillow and the first night I got it I was sleeping soundly. I thank you and so does my husband!!"

Charli | Burlington, WI:
"I got my pillow on Wednesday and used it to take my afternoon nap. It is wonderful! I love it! Thank you so much."

Kelly | Fox Lake, Illinois:
"I got the Serenity Star yesterday, it is fabulous~ It is all I expected and husband and my father now want one.... but I told them hands off mine........thanks again for the assistance and timely fashion in which you do is nice to have a company respect the needs of it's customers"

Dana | San Francisco, CA:
"I was given the Serenity Star by Moonlight Slumber for Christmas - let me tell you it is the best gift I could have ever received. Before I used this pillow the thought of sleeping comfortably was an impossibility. I was so achy and my tummy felt in the way and this is when it was much smaller. This pillow is long and u-shaped. I rest my head comfortably with my arms hugging it, my tummy and back both have support while my hips stay aligned as my legs wrap around it. I drag this all over with me, it's my new best friend!"

Jennifer | Fort Meyers, FL:
"I just wanted to be sure I wrote to tell you that the first night I sleep on my new Serenity Star pillow, I was in heaven! I bought it at about 14-15 weeks. I was trying to sleep on my side like a good new mom-to-be.... and it just wasn't happening! I was so tired! This pillow has even stopped the snoring that was occurring and my husband is just so happy!"

Toby | Brooklyn, NY:
"I received my pillow last week and I LOVE IT! I am finally getting good night sleep - in between bathroom breaks that is. Well done on a great product!"

Russell | Beverly Hills, CA:
"Superior, to say the least. I bought the crib from pottery barn kids and it came with a so so, non-descript mattress. The new one (yours) purchased on-line is flat out better in everyway. It's especially nice that it has two sides, a very firm one for his first 6 months, then the less firm for when he is older. I don't know what he will think, but I like it. Thanks!"

Geoff | New York, NY:
"I just wanted to thank you for sending the mattress to us a few weeks ago. Our 2 yr old daughter immediately began sleeping through the night for the first time ever!! So thanks so much for such a wonderful product. we're ordering a second one for our youngest daughter (7 months old) and am sure she'll really enjoy it too!"

Lisa | Fort Collins, CO:
"I'm extremely happy with the quality of my pillow. I even find my husband napping with it sometimes. I think it saved my back through this pregnancy. I'm due in a few days now and was preparing to split it into the separate pieces for nursing. Thanks again!"

Tina | St. Louis, MO:
"We decided to splurge on a mattress, and purchases a Moonlight mattress. For the first time, we had a breastfed baby sleep every 4 hours solid. For the first time, we had a baby who would go to sleep when he was just put into his bed."

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"We decided to splurge on a mattress, and purchases a Moonlight mattress. For the first time, we had a breastfed baby sleep every 4 hours solid. For the first time, we had a baby who would go to sleep when he was just put into his bed." - Tina | St. Louis, MO

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